New Street Record Price
Eliane – Lake Coogee, WA

Lake Coogee

Eliane’s sale set a new record price in her street in Lake Coogee, Western Australia.

Eliane lives over 4,300 kilometres away, on the other side of Australia.

For most people who only know of selling with either a local real estate agent or privately, this is unfathomable.

The result achieved by Eliane was thanks to the Stretch Price Method that was executed with the help of a Property Marketing Strategist from Brisbane, Queensland.

The sale price far exceeded Eliane’s expectations, shocked her family, friends and colleagues, and embarrassed her best local real estate agents.

As a matter of fact, it would have been almost impossible to achieve this result with a local real estate agent.

As a Property Marketing Strategist and Vendor Guardian, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of helping people achieve such results in every state and territory of Australia.

The Stretch Price Method easily guarantees much higher sale prices than any local real estate agent could achieve, anywhere in Australia.

This is what Eliane had to say about her experience:

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