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How to Sell your home without an Agent: In order to understand how to sell your home without an Agent, it’s useful to look at the process of selling your home and what you will need to do in each step.HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME WITHOUT AN AGENT

More detail on our 7 step process on how to sell your home for more can be found in this link, however we are looking at these steps below in order to understand if you do it yourself, what exactly you need to do.

7 main steps to sell your home without an agent

Below we detail our 7 steps to selling any home, and highlight what you need to do if you are doing it yourself, compared to what Real Estate Agents do, and what we offer as a service.

1. Set a price to sell your home without an agent

  • A good Real Estate Agent will help set a realistic price for your home based on your specific property and the current market demand in your area
  • If you are selling your own home, you should check available data for recent sales in your area for similar style properties. This can help you understand the market and set a realistic price for what you are able to fetch
    • If you register an account (free) on RealEstate.com.au, they will give you summarised information about your property and local area. This includes:-
      • Recent sales in the area
      • Median value of properties in the area
      • RP Core Logic Data’s estimate of your property’s value in the local market
  • Firms innovating and adding value in the Real Estate Market like Revolutionary Real Estate will give you more detail and a realistic range you can sell your home for based on their own analysis of Core Logic data. They will also take this one step further by providing you with a tailored report on exactly what you could do to your home to improve the sale price in terms of upgrades and renovations. This includes how to do the renovation and the budget you should stick to in order to ensure you get the best return (they are experts at this!).

2. Present your home for best impact

  • HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME WITHOUT AN AGENT WILSTON BRISBANE AUSTRALIAA good Real Estate Agent will give general advice about decluttering your home – usually in the form of blog or written information they send to all their clients
  • How to sell without an agent: If you are selling your own home, you should do your research on the tips and tricks to declutter and present your home in a modern, fresh, appealing way to your target audience.  This can make a huge impact to how attractive your property looks to potential buyers; how quickly it will sell on the market; and how high the price it will go for.
    • Not only will you need to clean up, de-clutter, and present like a pro; but also we recommend you hire a professional Real Estate Photographer, and potentially a stylist.
  • When you work with a company like Revolutionary Real Estate they will also walk through your home and recommend clever tips and little know secrets to  help you understand exactly what needs to be done to get the biggest bang for your buck to sell your home without an Agent.
    • They may also recommend local stylists and the best photographers who really make all the difference to your home.

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3.  Create an Ad that will attract your ideal buyers like a moth to the flame

  • A good Real Estate Agent will take away the hassle of creating Ads for your target buyer. Be aware that marketing fees on top of commission can really accumulate – up to $10,000 on top of the commission you pay them for your home.
  • If you are selling your own home, you can avoid these very expensive marketing costs by creating your own ad, home board and listing.
  • You will need to create your own ad that is specifically talking to the type of buyer you want to attract to your property. If you are attracting newly-weds, or first home-buyer couples for instance; your ad should talk about the baby’s room, not the study, for example.
    • You will also need to employ a professional photographer, experienced in Real Estate photography. This costs less than you think but is critical in order to make sure you attract the right buyer at the right price
    • You will also need to employ an agent to list your property for sale for you online. At the moment, you cannot do this directly with RealEstate.com.au
  • Revolutionary Real Estate will assist you in creating advertising copy to attract the largest amount of target buyers to your property, give you access to discounted rates to list on Domain and RealEstate.com.au, and help you list your home on these online sites.

4.  Hold inspections to sell your home without an agent

  • HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME WITHOUT AN AGENT KENMORE BRISBANEReal Estate Agents will organise inspections around a certain time and date, and rarely will do home inspections.
  • If you are selling your own home, you will have to do your own inspections.
  • Companies like Revolutionary Real Estate will assist you in the best advice on what to say and how to manage your home inspections, which is nice to have someone holding your hand through this bit without you having to pay eye-watering Real Estate Commissions.

5. Negotiate like a Pro

  • Real Estate Agents will act as an intermediary to negotiate the sale price of your home. Interestingly, negotiation skills are not part of what they are trained in (see here why Agents might not be the best negotiators)
  • If you are selling your own home, you will have to do your own negotiations.
    • This is also not as confronting as you may think
    • We recommend keeping this to email
  • For our clients, we provide email templates and advice on how to win at this crucial step.

6. Completing Contracts

  • This is the same whether you have a Real Estate Agent or sell your own home
  • You will need to engage with a solicitor, or a professional conveyancer to complete this step.
  • For our clients in QLD,  we can guide you through this part of the process in a seamless way. We provide a copy of the standard REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland) contract to use as well as help to complete the sections that are your responsibility.   The sections that your buyer needs to complete should be completed with the assistance of their solicitor.

7. Settling your property

  • Real Estate Agents aren’t the only ones who can guide you through this part of the process.
  • If you are selling your own home, most of the hard work is done by a solicitor or conveyancer. The hardest part is often figuring out how to hand over the keys, etc.
  • We love helping our clients transition to their next property seamlessly.
We hope this helps you understand how to sell your home without an agent. To learn how to easily achieve a higher sale price for your home, without the cost of a real estate agent or the risks of a private sale watch this short video.]]>

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