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Notice the sticker on Jessica’s ‘For Sale’ sign board?

She set a new record price in her suburb and her success was even featured in a news.com.au article.

She pocketed an extra $100,000, or 12% more than her best local agents said she would…

WITHOUT an unfair real estate commission…

WITHOUT an unprofessional and amateur private sale…

WITHOUT being locked into a contract with any real estate agent…

…and WITHOUT any selling.

This incredible result left the best local real estate agents totally embarrassed

…and enabled Jessica to upgrade to a much better home than she thought she could.


This method has had plenty of press coverage over the years.

Property Marketing Services Australia

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Property Marketing Services Australia

Most happy home sellers have NO IDEA that they could have sold for more...

Look CAREFULLY At The Numbers In The Above Picture...

Imagine that your home was worth 1 million dollars.

At an average 2.5% commission, a local agent would charge you $25,000 for selling it.

BUT, of that $25,000, the agent would ONLY get $2,500 for the last $100,000 of your home’s value.

Now, do you think that an extra $2,500 is more important to a real estate agent than an extra $100,000 is to you?

90% of the commission, or $22,500 dollars is based on the first $900,000 of your home’s value.

Do you think it would be easy to sell a million dollar home for $900,000?  Of course it would!

So why reward your agent with 90% of their commission on the easy part of the sale?

When you do this, you are discouraging the agent from fighting for the rest of your home’s value.

This is why scientific studies have proven that traditional real estate commissions encourage agents to achieve a quicker sale, instead of the highest sale price.

The problem is NOT with real estate agents.  There are many wonderful people among them.

What most people don’t realise is that a traditional real estate commission creates an expensive conflict of interest between you and your real estate agent.

This conflict of interest will lead you to sell for less than you could – even if you are happy with the sale price and even if your agent is a nice person.

You’ll only be happy because you’ll never know how much better you could have done.

As a seller, you want the highest sale price, but that’s not what a commission encourages an agent to do.

The agent is encouraged to sell quickly at whatever price, because they will get most of their commission anyway.

If you don’t believe this, the symptoms are everywhere you look.  Click on the button below for a few examples:

Classic Symptoms

1.  An off-market sale to someone on the agent’s so-called database of buyers.

This can result in a really quick sale, but of course there won’t be as much competition for your home as if it was advertised on the open market.

This is why off-market homes that are sold to an agent’s database are sold quickly, but for less.

The quickly part is great for your agent, but the less part is not so good for you.


2.  A sale in under 5 days is another example.

It takes time for enough people to discover your listing, inspect the home, make an offer and then for each offer to be negotiated.

Rushing this in under 5 days will limit the competition for your home.

Selling in less than 5 days usually results in a lower price.  Is this better for you or the agent?


3.  Another example is an agent not encouraging you to invest time, effort and money into having your home look, feel, smell and sound emotionally appealing.

You will not have much competition for a home that doesn’t pull at the heart-strings.

It may still sell quickly for the right price, just not the right price for you.

Presenting the home optimally can take some time and delay your agent’s payday.

This is why agents would prefer that you sell now, as is.

My name is David Kaity – I’m a Property Marketing Strategist, Selling Consultant and Vendor Guardian.

I would like to invite you to apply for a FREE consultation tailored to your home.

During this consultation you will discover exactly just how easy it is to sell for at least 10% more than a local real estate agent…

…WITHOUT ANY selling.

WITHOUT an unfair real estate commission.

WITHOUT an unprofessional and amateur private sale.

WITHOUT being locked into a contract with an agent.

This consultation is valued at $497 and I usually only offer it to paying clients.

The reason you need to apply is because there are lots of strange people online these days.

To help both of us make sure that neither of us is one of them, I recommend a quick phone call before the consultation.

Neither the call nor the consultation is about selling you anything or pushing and pressuring you into anything.

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Everyday Success Stories

Jill and Phillip’s home was BOUGHT off them for $205,000 (or 17%) more than what they wanted for it.

Property Marketing Services Australia

Sue’s townhouse was BOUGHT off her for 20% more than what her next door neighbour’s identical property sold for just 3 months earlier.

Property Marketing Services Australia

Cameron and Terena’s family home was BOUGHT from them for over $50,000 more than the best appraisal they had from several local agents and over $100,000 above a recent valuation.

Property Marketing Services Australia

Rod and Kylie’s home, was BOUGHT off them for over $80,000 more than what they thought they could sell it for based on an offer they almost accepted through a local real estate agent.

Property Marketing Services Australia

John and Helen’s house was BOUGHT from them for 19% more than several of their local agents said it would sell for.


If you book a call now, I will also give you a FREE copy of my published book.

This book has been featured on Channel 9’s Today Show and retails in bookshops for $19.75 and reveals what no real estate agent wants you to know.

Some of what you’ll discover in this book, which you won’t read anywhere else:

  • The myth of the “database of buyers” agents use to trick most people into listing.
  • Why it’s wrong to assume that a local agent who knows local values will achieve a higher sale price.
  • Why real estate agents should be banned from giving appraisals.
  • Why real estate agents are terrible negotiators.
  • What real estate agents really sell. (hint: it’s not property)
  • Why selling with an agent OR selling privately are the two most expensive mistakes you can make
  • Why commissions encourage lower sale prices.
  • Why properties are never sold or sell themselves.
  • Why you MUST forget everything you (think you) know about selling your home if you want to achieve a better result.
  • …and much, MUCH more…

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