5 Reasons Why it makes sense and how to go about it Sell without an agent my real estate propertySell without an Agent: Have you started thinking about selling your home? Here at Revolutionary Real Estate, we have written a lot about the myths of Real Estate Agent sales methods, why they are not the best negotiators, and more reasons why you might not want to use an Agent to sell your home. However in this blog we would like to share with you the positives. We’re going to talk about 5 reasons you’re onto a winner if you use alternative method. The alternative methods we are talking about here is either selling yourself, or using an Assisted Private Sale™ method – where you sell your own home privately without an Agent, and pocket up to $50k extra in the process. We also help you learn more about how to do it, if you’re interested of course. So check out these 5 amazing reasons why you would want to sell without an Agent (You’ll be quite surprised at #5 – most of our clients don’t realise this until they’ve done it!)

#1. Money Money Money – Save on Commission

sell without an agent australia more money Yes – it’s kind of obvious – but think this through. Sometimes because this money is tied up in equity or a massive loan, it just doesn’t seem real. But it is. You will have thousands and thousands of savings in Real Estate Commissions that you can do other things with (like a European holiday, or investing back in savvy renovations to make more money on the sale of your home!)

#2. Money Money Money – Make more money by achieving a higher selling price for your home

sell without a agent wilston brisbane yayReally? I can get MORE for my home if I DON’T use a Real Estate Agent? Yes you can! And we know this, because we’ve done it for ourselves and for our clients. Read more about our testimonials for those who’ve sold for top dollar and made tens of thousands more than they would have using a Real Estate Agent This is a double bonus – You save more on commission, AND make more on the sale of your home. Cha-ching!

#3. You don’t have to deal with Real Estate Agents – ever again

A annual Roy Morgan Survey has shown, year after year, Real Estate Agents are in the bottom 3 most hated professions, only just scraping about Advertisers and Car Salesmen. So we’re guessing you’d be happy if you never had to deal with them, ever again?

#4. Now we have the Internet – it’s easy!

Sell without an Agent internetIt’s 2017! If you’re not joining in and getting a clip of the ticket on Uber, Airbnb or other internet sites, you’re missing out on massive opportunities! Sites like Domain.com.au and RealEstate.com.au make it easier than ever to list your home online. When you use the Assisted Private Sale™ method to sell your home, we actually do the listings for you. This includes making sure you are writing the right things (talking only to your target buyer)… We also make sure you get the right photographs taken in the right way, and select the good ones to put up there. Simple! Not a job you’d pay a Real Estate Agent what ends up being $1,000 / hour to do!

#5. Because it feels good

No commission real estate services happy family sold home top dollarDavid Kaity, founder of Revolutionary Real Estate notes…

“Nothing replaces the immense feeling of satisfaction, empowerment, and elation our sellers feel after they’ve sold their first home and saved $10s of thousands.”

So while it is a LOT about the money, it’s also about the sense of achievement and joy you will get from achieving amazing results without the traditional ‘experts’. See here for more case studies on how our clients have achieved amazing savings on selling their home with us.

Professional Advice for selling without an Agent

If you’d like to learn more about how to sell without an agent, click here to read about our 7 step process for selling your home without a Real Estate agent. 

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