Thank You For Booking A Call

I’m very respectful of your time and will not waste it.  All I ask is that you do the same for me.

Please ensure that you are ready for our call at the time that you requested.

I will give you 100% of my attention.  Please do the same for me by avoiding distractions like driving or taking the call while shopping.

You will be sent reminders by email and text message (if you opted in for this).

If due to an unforeseen circumstance, I cannot call you at the time you requested, I will let you know and ask you to reschedule.  I ask you to please do the same for me.

You will be given the opportunity to do this in the email or text reminders prior to our call.

To better prepare and inform you for the call, I strongly encourage you to read the following resources:


  • Click HERE to understand the 10 hidden traps and false beliefs about selling your home, which will easily cost you around 10% of the value of your home.
  • Click HERE to read about the 4 signs ignored by most home sellers that scream: “You will lose money on the sale of your home” – even if you think you’re doing well.
  • You can read HERE about the 5 reasons why you’ll never achieve the highest possible sale price with either a real estate agent or by selling privately.


I look forward to speaking with you,

David Kaity