Don't Share Your Equity With A Real Estate Agent

The attached picture and table relate to a town house complex in Brisbane.  The owners engaged Revolutionary Real Estate to market their town house, which sold for $685,000 within 2 days of being advertised.  The table shows the actual costs of marketing this property compared to using a typical real estate agent.  It also shows how much it would have cost to sell this property using our most popular service.

Based on a typical commission of 2.5% most real estate agents would have pocketed just over $17,000 in commissions in the above example.  We know for a fact that this is completely unjustified based on the time and effort involved in the marketing process – even if it would have taken 1-2 months to sell.
Photoshopped Stevenson
The table below shows the typical savings people could pocket by using Revolutionary Real Estate.
 You don’t need to share your equity with a real estate agent.  You have a choice and a much better alternative!  Contact Revolutionary Real Estate to discuss it.  For more information, please go to: www.revolutionaryrealestate.com.au

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