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Set A New Suburb Record Price With The Sale Of Your Home...

...Anywhere In Australia, With A Proven Method That Guarantees 10% - 20% Extra In Your Pocket

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Why Real Estate Commissions Encourage Lower Sale Prices

Assume your home was worth $1 Million.

Do you think it would sell quickly and easily for $900,000?

Of course it would!  Anyone could sell it for that.

So why would you reward a real estate agent with 90% of their commission on this easy part of the sale?

When you do this, you are discouraging them from fighting for the remaining $100,000.

If the commission was 2.5%, the agent would only make an extra $2,500 on the last $100,000.

Do you think an agent will care more about an extra $2,500 commission than you about an extra $100,000 to your sale price?

Scientific studies have proven that traditional real estate commissions encourage agents to achieve a quicker sale, instead of the highest sale price.

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This is NOT a sales call

My name is David Kaity – I’m a Property Selling Consultant.

I’m offering a FREE Consultation (not a sales call) in which you will discover a unique proven strategy and an alternative to the usual real estate commission.

The combination of these achieves a 10% – 20% higher sale price for any home.

I will share information with you that I guarantee you’ve NEVER heard before ANYWHERE else and which no real estate agent will EVER reveal.

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I Promise You…

I will never push or pressure you to do anything during our consultation.

I will NEVER chase you, hassle you or keep following you up.

After the consultation, you will not hear from me again unless you ask me to contact you.

The people who benefit most from this consultation are those who don’t leave it to the last minute.

The sooner you request this consultation, the sooner you will benefit from my suggestions.

Thrilled Vendors Across Australia Share Their Experiences

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Common Success Stories

Selling Your Home

Jill and Phillip’s home in Kurwongbah QLD, sold for $205,000 more than what they wanted for it.

Selling Your Home

Sue’s townhouse in Grovedale VIC sold for $60,000 (20%) more than her next door neighbour’s identical property just 3 months earlier.

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Cameron and Terena’s family home in Albany Creek QLD sold for over $50,000 more than the best appraisal they had from several local agents and over $100,000 above a recent valuation.

happy home sellers

Rod and Kylie’s home in Wandandian NSW, sold for over $80,000 more than what they thought they could sell for based on an offer they almost accepted through a local real estate agent.

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Christian and Emma’s home in Berwick VIC sold for over $40,000 above the highest of four appraisals they had from their best local area expert agents.

Selling Your Home

John and Helen’s house in Gordon Park QLD, sold for $100,000 more than several of their local agents said it would.


Without the information I share in this consultation, I can guarantee you this:
You will leave tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table when selling your home.
Most happy sellers have no idea about just how much money they missed out on.
You can only sell your home once.
If you miss the opportunity to pocket tens or hundreds of thousands of extra dollars, it’s lost forever.
The extra cash could boost your retirement or help you upgrade to a better home than you could have.

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