Achieve A Suburb Record Sale Price For Your Home Without A Traditional Real Estate Commission
(Anywhere In Australia)

Real Estate Commissions Encourage Lower Sale Prices

Assume your home was worth $1M.

Do you think it would sell quickly and easily for $900K?

Of course it would!  Anyone could sell it for that.

So why would you reward an agent with 90% of their commission on this easy part of the sale?

When you do this, you are discouraging them from fighting for the remaining $100,000.

If the commission was 2.5%, the agent would only make an extra $2,500 on the last $100,000.

Do you believe an agent will care more about an extra $2,500 commission than you about an extra $100,000 to your sale price?

Scientific studies have proven that traditional real estate commissions encourage agents to achieve a quicker sale, not the highest sale price.

Book an obligation free call to discover how you can net EXTRA tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more from the sale of your home than you would if you paid a traditional real estate commission.

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After this call, you will never hear from us again, unless you contact us.

Ecstatic Vendors Across Australia Share Their Experiences With This Method

Emma and Christian sold for $40,000 more than the highest appraisal from four of their best local ‘area expert’ real estate agents.
- Emma and Christian - Berwick, VIC

Kylie and Rod pocketed $100,000 more than with an offer they almost accepted through a local real estate agent.
- Kylie and Rod - Wandandian, NSW

Terena and Cameron sold for $50,000 above the best appraisal from several local agents and $115,000 above valuation.
- Terena and Cameron - Albany Creek, QLD

Paula and Brian walked away with tens of thousands of dollars more than by selling with any of their local real estate agents.
- Paula and Brian - Coopers Plains, QLD

Unique Benefits

No Lock-In Contract

If you don’t like us or our strategy for any reason, you are free to leave with no obligation to pay us anything.

Hugely Positive Experience

No other strategy is as empowering, rewarding, enjoyable, authentic, or will make you feel as triumphant.

Avoid the hidden costs

of real estate agents, which are far higher than their commissions and fees.  (The Hidden Costs).

Discover the secrets of setting a record sale price

and earning the admiration of your neighbours, while embarrassing your best local agent.

Stronger Incentive For A Higher Sale Price

We are paid based on any EXTRA we negotiate for you.  

Pay Us At The End

Our success fee depends on how much EXTRA we can negotiate for you.

This Proven Method Can Help You Easily Pocket Extra Tens Or Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars More From Your Sale

This sounds like a big claim, but check out the documented proof and evidence in the case studies section.  Better yet, watch the video testimonials or speak with our previous clients.

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The Hidden Costs Of Real Estate Agents

Learn about the hidden costs of real estate agents that are much higher than their commissions and marketing fees combined.

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Free Consultation
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Let me prove and show you for FREE, how this unique method can easily give you an extra 5 – 6 figures from the sale of your home.

Typical Case Studies

We have helped to smash records all over Australia

How It Works

  • You pay based on the EXTRA we negotiate for you.
  • Discover hidden opportunities to cost effectively skyrocket your sale price and keep more of it in your pocket.
  • We provide solutions that shatter potential buyer objections, which would otherwise cost you a sale or tens of thousands of dollars.  This will help you achieve a higher sale price AND a quicker sale.
  • Our detailed, objective and methodical market research is more thorough than any valuation or appraisal.  This will give you absolute clarity and confidence on what result you can achieve.
  • We reveal the proven strategy for the best ways to price a home.  These MUST satisfy 5 specific criteria.
  • We recommend and coordinate the best suppliers of professional photography, styling, street sign etc. at cost or wholesale price.
  • We coordinate the most effective and affordable way to gain maximum exposure to your ideal buyers on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.
  • You benefit from a very professional and impressive marketing campaign that generates maximum competition for your home.
  • We help with amazing communication techniques and highly effective negotiation strategies with buyers that will embarrass the best real estate agents.
  • The legalities will be completed by either a conveyancer or solicitor, just like with any other method of selling.

Book a free strategy call to find out why no other method of selling can give you better results.

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