The proven method that guarantees a significantly higher sale price for your home,
anywhere in Australia

Are You Looking To Sell Your
Home Anywhere In Australia?

Do you believe that real estate commissions are too high, but selling privately is unprofessional and risky?

Do you find it difficult to trust real estate agents, because you feel like they would say just about anything to sign you up?

Do you worry about selling your home for less than you should?

Do you need to maximise the money from your sale to boost your retirement savings or upgrade to a better home?

Easily achieve a higher sale price than with a real estate agent, without the risks of an unprofessional private sale.

This method is not new, but it is unlikely that you’ve heard of it, or how it works.  Book a strategy call now to discover the advantages of this method and to see if you are eligible for it.

This strategy call is NOT a sales call.  We will never chase you, hassle you or keep ‘following up’ with you.  After your strategy call, you will never hear from us again, until you contact us.

This Proven Method Can Help You Easily Pocket Around $50,000 Extra From Your Sale

This sounds like a big claim, but check out the documented proof and evidence in the case studies section.  Better yet, watch the video testimonials or speak with our previous clients.

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Discover industry secrets that lead even happy home sellers to lose many tens of thousands of dollars without ever realising.

Real Estate services Australia
The Three Hidden Costs Of Real Estate Agents

Learn about the three hidden costs of real estate agents that are much higher than their commissions and marketing fees combined.

Property Marketing Strategist Australia
Free Consultation
(No Selling - No Chasing)

Let me prove and show you for FREE, how this unique method can easily give you an extra $50,000+ from the sale of your home.

Revolutionary Real Estate Helps Homeowners Set Record Sale Prices

We have helped to create countless real estate success stories

See If You Are Eligible For This Method

Homes Are Bought…
Not Sold

It’s not a person who sells a home but a process that makes it 'buyable'

There are only two reasons why anyone will buy your home and pay top dollar.  No real estate agent will talk about the second – most important of these reasons.

At Revolutionary Real Estate, we have created a unique formula that creates both of these reasons for your ideal buyer.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what type of property you have or where you live in Australia. When you work with Revolutionary Real Estate, you will walk away with tens of thousands more than you would by using a traditional agent or by selling privately.

We are so confident in this method that we will not lock you into a contract and if you are not happy for any reason, you are free to leave with no obligation to pay us anything.  We only charge a flat, success fee after the sale.

As a result, this is the only property marketing method in Australia that is available to eligible applicants only.  The good news is that about 60% of vendors are suited for this method.

How Revolutionary
Real Estate Works

The unique method used by Revolutionary Real Estate is a hybrid model.

It is based on the immutable formula that guarantees a higher sale price, without the costs and the flaws of the traditional real estate sales industry, or the risks of an unprofessional private sale.

The details are much easier to explain in a quick call, but the points below should help clarify some of your questions:

Do I have to sell my home myself? – NO

Do I have to spend lots of money on my home? – NO

Do I have to negotiate with buyers on my own? – NO

Do I have to arrange the contract of sale? – NO

Do I have to pay you anything upfront? – NO

Am I locked in to any contract? – NO

Unique Benefits To You

Pay Us At The End

Our flat success fee is not payable until you sell

Achieve a higher sale price

for your home than with an agent or by selling privately

Avoid the three hidden costs

of real estate agents as well as their excessive commissions and marketing fees

Avoid the mistakes that cause campaigns to fail

Let us help with executing the proven method that will make your home BUYABLE

Easily Pocket An Extra $50,000+

than you would with any real estate agent or by selling privately

No Lock-In Contract

you are free to leave for any reason with no obligation to pay us

Book A Free Strategy Call

Find out more about Revolutionary Real Estate’s unique method

Interested to find out how you can sell your home for more, and walk away with an extra $50,000 in your pocket?

Trust the process, not an agent.

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Featured Case Studies

We have helped people all over Australia to sell their home