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$60,000 (7%) Above All Expectations
Briar and Luigi – Carindale, QLD

Property Marketing Strategist

The lovely couple in the above photo are Briar and Luigi. They wanted to sell their home in Carindale, just south of Brisbane.

Before selling, they requested an independent valuation from one of Australia’s most reputable valuers: Herron Todd White.

You can see this valuation below:

Although a little fuzzy, hopefully you can see that the expected market value range was between $785,000 and $815,000, with the absolute upper limit being $825,000.

Briar and Luigi wanted an alternative to what the crowds of home sellers accept and requested a consultation with Revolutionary Real Estate.

Thanks to the Stretch Price Method they achieved a sale price of $884,900, which you can see from the evidence below.

This result was $70,000 higher than the expected top of the range and $60,000 or 7% higher than the absolute upper limit.

Thanks to the Stretch Price Method, they also saved $20,000 on real estate commissions and marketing fees.

The combination of the increased sale price with the reduced sale costs helped Briar and Luigi pocket a staggering $80,000 – $90,000 more than they could have otherwise.

This is what Briar had to say after her experience:

“David was clear with us about what improvements to the property would make the most difference to the buyers and what things were just not worth doing. Thanks to his help we achieved a price that I didn’t think would be possible. I have already recommended David to both friends and family and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.” – Briar Willard

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