To appreciate the benefits of this unique, proven method, you first need to understand the three hidden costs of selling with a real estate agent.

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The three hidden costs are much higher than any commission and marketing fees that you’ll ever pay.

The reason why many sellers are happy with the result they achieve is because they have absolutely no idea that they have left tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

They are simply not aware of how they could have done MUCH better.

Despite the scientific evidence and simple logic, you won’t hear about the three hidden costs from any real estate agent.

You will discover them below, but please read them carefully.  Most people never learn or think about these three invisible costs.  

Less than 1% of the savviest home sellers know what you are about to read.

By the way, none of this is a criticism of any real estate agent, only the system in which they operate.

The 3 Dangerous Hidden Costs Of Selling With A Real Estate Agent

Do you think it matters to a real estate agent whether they make $20,000 or $21,000 in commission? – Especially, if they can pocket the $20,000 sooner?

Do you believe that an agent will care more about getting $1,000 less in commission, than you about selling for $40,000 less?

It only costs an agent $1,000 to undersell your home by $40,000 at a commission rate of 2.5%.

It is very important that you understand this, so please let this sink in before you read on.

Now, why would any agent undersell your home or convince you to accept a lower price?

Simple.  A lower price can secure a quicker sale, allowing the agent to pocket their commission sooner, so they can move onto the next property.

They would much rather make another $20,000 from the next property than an extra $1,000 from yours.

For this reason the real incentive real estate agents have is to sell quickly at whatever price achieves a quick sale.

This has been proven by several independent scientific studies, one of which was conducted by economists Steven Levitt and Chad Syverson and made famous by the best selling book Freakonomics.

A percentage based commission encourages real estate agents to undersell your home to achieve a quick sale.

This alone can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and is the first invisible cost, which is related to the second invisible cost…

There are little-known, very clever and extremely cost effective ways to skyrocket the perceived value of any home.

These can boost your sale price by many tens of thousands of dollars on a shoestring budget.

Implementing these changes could delay when your real estate agent gets paid.

Remember, agents would much rather get their $20,000 commission now than $21,000 later.

For this reason, it is not in the interest of real estate agents to recommend such changes.

This is why most agents will encourage you to sell your home now – as is – without suggesting clever, cost effective ways to skyrocket your sale price.

An increase of $40,000 in your sale price only increases their commission by $1,000 at a commission rate of 2.5%.

They would rather spend their time and effort to make another $20,000 from the sale of the next home, than to squeeze an extra $1,000 commission from the sale of yours.

Without knowing what these clever changes are, you’ll never know how much more you could have sold for.

As a result, you will leave many tens of thousands of dollars on the table, without ever knowing it.

What most people don’t realise is that percentage based commissions discourage agents from looking for ways to increase your sale price.

This is the second invisible cost of real estate agents and relates to the third invisible cost…

The money you spend on a real estate commission will not increase the value of your home.

As you have read above, it won’t even increase your sale price.

Therefore, the money you spend on a commission does not give you a return on investment.

It reduces how much you pocket from your sale, which makes it an expense, not an investment.

Consider the following two scenarios:

SCENARIO 1. – You pay a real estate agent $20,000 in commissions, so you have $20,000 less in your pocket after the sale.

SCENARIO 2. – You invest $20,000 in clever, strategic changes, which can easily increase your sale price by $60,000.

(By the way, I’m not suggesting that you need to spend $20,000 on renovations.)

After spending the same amount of money, scenario 2 puts $60,000 more in your pocket than scenario 1.

The $60,000 less that you achieve in scenario 1 is the opportunity cost of paying a real estate agent.

This is the third invisible cost of real estate agents.

Why Should You Care?...

The combination of these three hidden costs can add up to many tens of thousands of dollars.
They will make it impossible for you to achieve the best result using a real estate agent.
Unfortunately, selling privately is no better.
Most private sale campaigns are very unprofessional and private sellers believe that all they need to do is simply ‘put an ad up’.
The owner of one of Australia’s first private selling platforms told me that only about 30% of his private seller clients succeed.
70% of them fail or end up with a real estate agent.
Those who do sell, often sell for much less than what they should have.
This is because they have no idea of the formula behind achieving the best result.
For this reason, they often undersell their home by far more than what they end up ‘saving’ in commissions.
So if selling with an agent AND privately will lose you money, then what is the alternative?…

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Who Am I?

My name is David Kaity and I’m a Property Selling Consultant and author.

About 10 years ago, I developed a proven method of marketing homes, called The Hybrid Sale Method.

I can guarantee that you have not heard of this method or how it works.

It helps eligible home sellers achieve record sale prices by avoiding the three hidden costs associated with all real estate agents.

It does this while also avoiding the risks of an unprofessional private sale.

As a result, it allows eligible vendors to easily pocket tens of thousands of dollars more from the sale of their home.

As you will see in the case studies further down, this method has achieved amazing results for all kinds of people, with all sorts of properties, all across Australia.

Unfortunately however, about 40% of home sellers are not eligible for the The Hybrid Sale Method.

Common Questions About The Hybrid Sale Method

Do I have to sell my own home? – NO

Does this involve expensive renovations? – NO
Do I have to negotiate with buyers? – NO
Do I have to arrange the contract of sale? – NO
Do I have to pay you anything up front? – NO
Am I locked in to any contract? – NO

The Hybrid Sale Method May Be For You If…

You worry about selling your home for less then you should.
You find it difficult to trust real estate agents, because you feel like they say just about anything to sign you up.
You believe that real estate commissions are too high, but selling privately is unprofessional and risky.
You need to maximise the money from your sale to boost your retirement savings or upgrade to a better home.
Record Sale Price

Remarkable Results

The The Hybrid Sale Method is the only one of its kind in Australia that helps you pocket tens of thousands of extra dollars from the sale of your home.

You are more than welcome to speak with people I have helped in the past to ask about their experience.

Since I’ve been using the The Hybrid Sale Method to help others, the results have been so amazing that I’ve been able to remove the risks involved with selling a home.

This is the only method where you are not locked into a contract and are free to leave at any time, with no obligation to pay me a cent, if you are unhappy for any reason.

Below are just three examples and ordinary case studies of the everyday results I help people achieve.

You will notice that these case studies date back to before the current crazy market conditions.

Today’s results are even better, but they are not typical of the long term average, which is why I haven’t used them.

real estate agent

The lovely couple in the above photo are Luigi and Briar.

They wanted to sell their home in Carindale, just south of Brisbane.

Before selling, they requested an idependent valuation from one of Australia’s most reputable valuers: Herron Todd White.

You can see this valuation below:

real estate agent

Although a little fuzzy, hopefully you can see that the expected market value range was between $785,000 and $815,000.

The absolute upper limit was $825,000.

Briar and Luigi wanted an alternative to what the crowds of home sellers accept and requested a consultation with me.

I worked with them to execute the 5 P’s To Profit Method and they achieved a sale price of $884,900, which you can see from the evidence below.

My apologies again if the image is a little fuzzy.

real estate agent

This result was $70,000 higher than the expected top of the range and $60,000 higher than the absolute upper limit.

Thanks to this method, they also saved $20,000 on real estate commissions and marketing fees.

The combination of the increased sale price with the reduced sale costs helped Briar and Luigi pocket a staggering $80,000 – $90,000 more than they could have otherwise.

This is what Briar had to say after her experience:

“David was clear with us about what improvements to the property would make the most difference to the buyers and what things were just not worth doing. Thanks to his help we achieved a price that I didn’t think would be possible. I have already recommended David to both friends and family and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.” – Briar Willard

Next, meet John and Helen.

They wanted to sell their former home in Gordon Park just north of Brisbane.

They spoke with several local agents, and according to John, most of them appraised the property for around $600,000 at the time.

As most of us know, real estate agents are not usually conservative with their appraisals and tend to inflate a little in the hope of winning the listing.

John and Helen were not happy to settle for what the majority of sellers do, so they requested a consultation with me.

Together we followed the 5P’s To Profit Method and by doing this, they ended up selling for $715,000 as you can see from the evidence below, sourced from Core Logic.

If John and Helen had engaged any of the local agents who appraised their home, they would have sold for around $600,000.

If they were to pay the usual commissions and marketing fees, they would have pocketed around $580,000.

Thanks to the 5P’s To Profit Method, John and Helen were able to sell for $715,000 and after all costs, they pocketed $680,000.

This was a massive $100,000 more than they would have ended up with if they sold with a local agent.

The $100,000 extra in their pocket included a $15,000 saving on commissions and marketing fees.

This is what John had to say after their success:

“We could not be happier with the result we achieved on the sale of our property. The price was significantly higher than a recent valuation” – John Trim

The last example is Sue, who is one of the many interstate vendors I have helped.

She wanted to sell her property in Grovedale, just south of Geelong in Victoria.

This was a modest 2 bedroom townhouse in a small complex.

Three months prior, one of her neighbours sold an identical townhouse that was right next to Sue’s for $300,000 using a ‘local area expert’ real estate agent.

You can see evidence of her neighbour’s sale below:

Sue wasn’t content with following the herd and believed that there must be a better alternative.

She requested a consultation with me, and shortly after, Sue’s townhouse was bought for $360,000.

Sue was able to pocket an amazing $60,000 or 20% more. 

You can see evidence of her sale below:

This is what Sue said after achieving this phenomenal result:

“The result achieved was well beyond my expectation and I am really grateful to David.” – Sue Ellis

The Proven Method That Guarantees You A Higher Sale Price Than Your Best Local Real Estate Agent

To those who are eligible, I’d like to offer a tailored  Bottom-Line Booster Consultation, during which I will actually show you how the The Hybrid Sale Method can easily help you pocket tens of thousands of extra Dollars from the sale of your home.

This consultation reveals:

  • How to avoid the three invisible costs of real estate agents so you can pocket tens of thousands of extra Dollars from your sale.
  • The secrets of exploding your sale price by cost effectively skyrocketing the perceived value of your home in the eyes of your ideal buyers by many tens of thousands of dollars with minimal spend.
  • How to get buyers to fall over each other and forget about negotiating for fear of losing out on your home.
  • How to shatter the buyer objections you can’t see that would either cost you a sale or tens of thousands of dollars.  This will help you achieve a higher sale price AND a quicker sale.  (You won’t hear about this from any real estate agent.)
  • The 5 critical components of every successful marketing campaign without which you will pocket tens of thousands of dollars less than you otherwise would.  Over 99% of real estate agents stuff up at least 2-3 of these, costing unsuspecting sellers a fortune.
  • How to easily achieve  a record sale price while slashing the astronomical costs of selling your home  without having to engage in a risky and unprofessional private sale.
  • I will reveal information that you have never heard before and which no real estate agent will ever talk about.
This consultation could literally put tens of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket from the sale of your home.

The people who benefit most from this consultation are those who don’t leave it to the last minute.

The earlier you request this consultation, the more time you will have to implement some of my suggestions.

If you’d like to apply for a Bottom-Line Booster Consultation, please click on the blue link below to book a quick call with me.
Record Sale Price

Why You Need To Call To Book…

Unfortunately, about 40% of people who apply for the  Bottom-Line Booster Consultation, are not eligible, so please don’t be offended if this is you.

If you don’t qualify, I promise I will explain exactly why.

I will never sell you anything or push and pressure you to do anything during our call or the consultation.

Unlike real estate agents, I will never chase or hound you.

After the call or consultation, you will not hear from me again unless you ask me to contact you.

On THIS PAGE ONLY, I’m offering this consultation for FREE.

I usually only offer this consultation as part of my full service to my paying clients.

Those who leave this page also leave this offer, and I prefer it that way, because I would only like to help those who are serious about pocketing tens of thousands of dollars more from the sale of their home.

To find out if you are eligible for this consultation, please click the button below to book a quick call with me.

3 Hidden Costs

Special Bonus

If you book a quick call with me now on this page, I will give you a FREE copy of my published book that was featured on Channel Nine’s Today Show.

This book retails in bookshops for $19.75 and reveals what no real estate agent wants you to know.

Some of what you’ll discover in this book, which you won’t read anywhere else:

  • The myth of the “database of buyers” agents use to trick most people into listing.
  • Why it’s wrong to assume that a local agent who knows local values will achieve a higher sale price.
  • Why real estate agents should be banned from giving appraisals.
  • Why real estate agents are terrible negotiators.
  • What real estate agents really sell. (hint: it’s not property)
  • Why selling with an agent OR selling privately are the two most expensive mistakes you can make
  • Why commissions encourage lower sale prices.
  • Why properties are never sold or sell themselves.
  • Why you MUST forget everything you (think you) know about selling your home if you want to achieve a better result.
  • …and much, MUCH more…
For your Bottom-Line Booster Consultation and free book, please click the button below to book a quick call with me.


Without the information I share with you in the Bottom-Line Booster ConsultationI guarantee that you will leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table when you sell your home by selling for less than you should, paying too much to sell, or both.

Most home sellers who are happy with their sale have no idea about the many tens of thousands of dollars they missed out on.
You can only sell your home once.  If you miss the opportunity to pocket tens of thousands of extra dollars, it’s lost forever.
I look forward to showing you how you can easily pocket much more from the sale of your home than you could by selling with any real estate agent.
The extra cash could either boost your retirement or it could help you upgrade to a better home than you otherwise could have.
For your Bottom-Line Booster Consultation, please click the button below to book a quick call with me.

Kindest regards,
David Kaity