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Our Story

Take a look at how personal experience led to the creation of Revolutionary Real Estate

A Private Sale Dilemma

After four months of blood, sweat, tears, effort and money, there we were, my wife Zsofi and I, looking at a potential loss of $20,000 on our first renovation project. Even though we bought the house at a good price, we made many rookie mistakes and overcapitalised on the very project we were hoping to pull a nice profit from.

We had a very significant decision to make. Either do what everybody else does, engage a local real estate agent and walk away with a $20,000 loss OR try a private sale and hopefully break even by not having to pay the eye-watering commissions and marketing fees.

Risking A
Private Sale

After much agonising, we decided to take a chance and sell privately and boy, were we in for a steep learning curve!

I would never recommend selling privately!

It took an emotional roller coaster ride and some costly mistakes, which we would never make now, but we found a buyer and got out with $5,000 to spare.

After that, our family, our friends and their family and friends started asking us if we could help them.

As we guided them through the process and fine-tuned our methods, we discovered something extraordinary…

Our Big 'Aha' Moment

This discovery was as simple as it was profound.

A home cannot be sold, it can only be bought. This is regardless of whether it is marketed by an agent or not. We realised that the homes we were helping to market were bought and NOT sold.

There is nothing anyone can say to make someone buy a home. There have to be compelling reasons for the buyer to want to buy it.

Not knowing these is what leads the majority of people to unnecessarily waste tens of thousands of dollars on real estate commissions and ‘marketing packages’.

Making A Home Buyable

We discovered that there is a method, formula or process for identifying, attracting, enticing and compelling an ideal buyer to buy.

It isn’t a person who sells a home, but this process that makes a home buyable.

This process or formula doesn’t care who follows it or how much you pay for it.

It also doesn’t matter where in Australia you live.

Trust The Process – Not A Real Estate Agent

Let Us Work With You To Sell Your Home For More, At A Lower Cost

Real estate agents rely on making the process seem complicated so they can present themselves as the only solution.

In reality, there is a five-step process to have your home bought for top dollar. When followed correctly, this method guarantees to achieves the highest possible sale price without the excessive costs of a real estate agent.

Our Mission

We want Australian home sellers to experience the same euphoria that we did, and our family and friends experienced when our properties were bought for top dollar.

We have also made it our mission to eliminate the toxic percentage based real estate commissions in Australia. Wherever you are in the country, you can benefit from this revolutionary method!

Call us to find out more about this far superior alternative to selling with a real estate agent, or a risky private sale.

Experience the difference of a Hybrid Assisted Sale

This unique method will boost your bottom line by several tens of thousands of dollars.

You Must Never Pay A Percentage Based Real Estate Commission

Would you like to find out how you can sell your home for more, pay less and easily walk away with $50,000+ extra in your pocket?

You don’t have to trust an agent when you trust the process. 

Book a strategy call to find out more. 

A Service Like No Other
Helping You Pocket Many Tens Of Thousands Of Extra Dollars

David Kaity -
Founder; Property Marketing Strategist; Vendor Guardian; Selling Consultant, And Author

Years of industry and personal experience led me to develop a unique, proven method to help people achieve a higher sale price for a fraction of the cost, without the risks of an unprofessional private sale.

I now work closely with homeowners around Australia, to help them achieve maximum sale price while avoiding massive fees.

Trust The Process - Not A Real Estate Agent


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