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There Are Several Ways To Sell Your Property...

As home sellers we each have very different priorities and constraints,  wants and challenges.

So why should we all settle for the same solution?

Especially when there are several proven alternatives to the outdated way of listing with a real estate agent.

You can discover what they are below…

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Vendor Guardian


As a completely independent Vendor Guardian I eliminate the expensive conflict of interest between vendors and real estate agents all over Australia.  If you aren’t aware of this conflict of interest, the video on the home page is a MUST watch.


  • Saving you many hours of time, effort and hassle in researching, investigating, interviewing, shortlisting and recommending the best local real estate agent – based on several criteria, most sellers would never know to consider.
  • Knowing the right questions to ask and hidden tricks to pick the best agent that retail vendors will never know. (The most commonly seen agent, or the one who gives you the highest appraisal isn’t necessarily the one who achieves the highest sale prices…)
  • Knowing which agent will represent ONLY your interests and NOT the buyers’.
  • Negotiating the lowest fees possible to save you many thousands of dollars, making sure you’re not charged for anything you don’t need.
  • Ensuring that the listing agreement you sign with the agent protects you and doesn’t disadvantage you in any way.
  • Keeping the chosen real estate agent accountable to ensure that they are conducting an excellent marketing campaign, bending over backwards for you and using only those strategies that guarantee you the highest sale price.
  • I protect and shield you against the tactics and ploys many agents use to condition your expectations down and pressure you to accept a lower price than you should.
  • I insist on a hugely successful, written negotiation strategy that gives you total transparency.  Negotiations should never happen behind your back where you can’t see or hear what is being said about you or your property.
  • I bring a unique perspective and fresh ideas to the campaign, from experience in creating over 100 successful campaigns for all sorts of properties all over Australia.  This means you have two different perspectives working for you simultaneously
  • I can make it possible for you to have as much or as little to do with the agent as you wish, acting as the buffer and saving you time and frustration in dealing with the agent.
  • Best of all, this service is FREE to you, because a Vendor Guardian is paid a fee from the agent’s commission.  Because agents pay the same fee, they are never chosen based on the amount they pay.


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Property Marketing Strategist Method


When selling your home, it is critical that your marketing campaign follows a proven formula that guarantees the highest sale price.

It is NEVER a person that sells a home (did you buy your home BECAUSE the real estate agent?).  There is a formula that makes properties become BUYABLE, while achieving top dollar.

Here is what it includes:

  • unique, method, ideally suited to savvy, open minded and value driven homeowners, who hate the idea of selling privately.
  • An easy process that requires no more time and effort than selling with a real estate agent.
  • Little-known industry secrets and quick, easy and affordable cosmetic tweaks to skyrocket the sale price of your home by 10% – 20%.
  • The presentation strategy that makes most buyers forget about negotiating for fear of losing out on your home.  This will have them falling over each other to happily bid the price up in a frenzy – without an auction – in any market.
  • Identifies potential buyer objections in your property that you would never have thought of. Not addressing these may cost you many tens of thousands of dollars or even a sale.
  • The most accurate and reliable way to establish the value of your home wherever you are in Australia.  This beats ANY appraisal or independent valuation.
  • The absolute best way to price your home in a way that attracts your ideal buyer, without misleading them or attracting those who can’t afford it.  This pricing method doesn’t make buyers angry by not having any price.  It pitches it in a way that doesn’t put a cap or limit on what result you can achieve.  With this method, you will never have to reduce the price of your home at any stage, which would signal desperation on your part.
  • Maximising irresistible exposure to your listing where 99% of buyers are ( and  This includes choosing the right photographer and exactly what to include and exclude from your campaign.
  • The killer negotiation strategy that consistently achieves suburb record sale prices and allows buyers to have things your way.  This is all conducted in writing to give you maximum transparency, so you are never wondering who said what about you or your property.  The results of this negotiation method will leave your best local agents embarrassed, your neighbours amazed, making you the talk of your family and friends.
  • How to structure the contract conditions to protect you.
  • Ensure that the legalities of the process are exactly the same as if you were selling with a real estate agent.  This includes ensuring that the deposit is held in a safe trust account.
  • Practically 24/7 access to your professional Property Marketing Strategist and expert Selling Consultant on speed dial for any questions.
  • You will achieve a far higher sale price than what you could with your best local agent, in a genuine and authentic way, that will leave you feeling more triumphant.
  • You can test-drive this method, because if you don’t like it for any reason, you are not locked in and can leave if you don’t like it for any reason.
  • The fee is based only on the last stretch-price, premium or cream of your property’s value and only if and when you sell.  Anyone can achieve the first 90% of a property’s value.  It is the last 10% or so that really matters.


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