Sue – Grovedale, VIC

The last example is Sue, who is one of the many interstate vendors I have helped.

She wanted to sell her property in Grovedale, just south of Geelong in Victoria.

This was a modest 2 bedroom townhouse in a small complex.

Three months prior, one of her neighbours sold an identical townhouse that was right next to Sue’s for $300,000 with a ‘local area expert’ real estate agent.

You can see evidence of her neighbour’s sale below:

Sue wasn’t content with following the herd and believed that there must be a better alternative.

She requested a consultation with me, and shortly after, Sue’s townhouse was bought for $360,000.

Sue was able to pocket an amazing $60,000 or 20% more.

You can see evidence of her sale below:

This is what Sue said after achieving this phenomenal result:

“The result achieved was well beyond my expectation and I am really grateful to David.” – Sue Ellis

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