This is why you WILL lose money selling your home with your local real estate agent, in any market, without ever realising it...

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Conflict Of Interest With Your Local Real Estate Agent...

When you sell your home with a local real estate agent, you WILL sell for less than you could.

Without ever knowing it.

If you’re happy with the result it will only be because you’ll have absolutely no idea that you could have sold for more.

This is because of a hidden conflict of interest between you and your local real estate agents.

This conflict of interest is far more expensive than any real estate commission you will ever pay.

And even though it’s right under your nose I bet you’ve never thought of it.

Have a close look at the next image:

local real estate agent

Imagine that your home was worth $1 million.

At an average 2.5% commission a local real estate agent will charge you $25,000 for selling it.

But of that $25,000 the agent would only receive $2,500 for the last $100,000 of your home’s value.

Now, do you think that the last $2,500 is as important to the agent as the last $100,000 is to you?

90% of the commission, or $22,500 is based on the first $900,000 of your home’s value.

Do you think it would be easy to sell a million dollar home for $900,000?  Of course it would!

A scarecrow in the front yard holding a sign could achieve that result.

So why reward a so-called professional with 90% of their commission on this easy part of the sale?

When you do this, you’re discouraging your local real estate agent from fighting for the rest of your home’s value…

…the cream, the premium or the last stretch.

local real estate agent
local real estate agent

Scientific research and studies have proven that traditional real estate commissions encourage agents to achieve a quicker sale INSTEAD OF the highest sale price.

More specifically, these studies have shown that a percentage based commission leads local real estate agents to undersell properties by around 3% on average.

That’s around $30,000 less on a million dollar property.

It is critical for you to understand that the last stretch of the sale price of your property doesn’t make much difference to your agent’s commission.

How much incentive do you think this really gives them to find all the ways to increase the sale price of your home?

Would you engage someone to negotiate for you who doesn’t have a strong incentive to achieve the highest sale price?

This is exactly what you’re doing when you engage a local real estate agent to negotiate on your behalf.

What’s worse is that negotiations happen behind your back where you never see or hear what is being said about you or your property.

This is like entrusting your chickens to a fox and I hope you can see the problem with this.

Most people are blind to this.

local real estate agent
local real estate agent

If you are going to pay someone to help sell your home, you should only pay them to help you achieve the last stretch, the premium, or the cream of your property’s value.

This is the most important part of the sale price of your property not the first 90%, which anyone can achieve.

The problem is NOT with your local real estate agents.

There are many wonderful people among them.

The problem is that a traditional commission creates a conflict of interest between sellers and agents.

Even if your agent is an experienced, well known and nice person who works for a prestigious agency.

Most sellers are easily fooled by all of this…

…not to mention the tight suits and flashy cars.

highest sale price
local real estate agent

As a seller, you want the highest sale price, but the agent is encouraged to sell quickly at whatever price, because they will get most of their commission anyway.

If you are happy with your sale price, it’s only because you have absolutely no idea how much better you could have done.

Just think about it: Sellers are happy if they achieve or exceed their expectations, right?

But how do you know that you’ve achieved the highest sale price if the person helping you doesn’t have a strong incentive to do so?

This is why most happy sellers are oblivious to the fact that they have left a ton of money on the table.

The symptoms of underselling are everywhere you look:

  • An off market sale to someone on a local real estate agent’s so-called database of buyers.
  • A sale in under five days, especially in a strong market.
  • An agent encouraging you to sell as is, claiming that the next owner will make changes according to their taste anyway.
  • And believe it or not, even auctions.

If you don’t understand how all of these lead to you selling for less than you could, then you are part of the majority. (you can read about these symptoms here)

But this is NOT your fault.

We have been conditioned to believe all this over many generations and decades for one reason:

It serves the interest of the real estate sales industry.

local real estate agent
Sell your home for 10% more

There is a method which helps you avoid selling your home for less than you should.

This is the only proven method that can easily achieves a 10% higher sale price for your home, than any of your local real estate agents, anywhere in Australia – without the usual risks.

This is thanks to three critical ingredients that no real estate agent offers.

Thanks to this method Jessica sold her home for almost $100,000 more or 12% higher than her best local agents said she would:

  • without an unfair real estate commission,
  • without an unprofessional amateur private sale,
  • without being locked into a contract with any real estate agent,
  • and without having to do any selling whatsoever.

This incredible result left the best local real estate agents totally embarrassed.

Jessica set a new record price for that type of property in her suburb and her success was even featured in a article.

This Is What Jessica Said About Her Experience:

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record sale price

And Jessica Is Not Alone...

Kylie and Rod – Wandandian, NSW

Kylie and Rod exceeded their expectations by about $80,000.  They almost accepted an offer for that much less through a local agent.

Eliane – Lake Coogee, WA

Eliane set a new street record with her sale price, achieving an $87,500 (11%) stretch during negotiations, exceeding all of her expectations.

Emma & Christian – Berwick, VIC

First time vendors, Emma and Christian sold for $45,000 above the highest of 4 appraisals by local area expert real estate agents.

Terena & Cameron – Albany Creek, QLD & Deception Bay, QLD

Terena and Cameron are returning clients, who set a new street record with their first sale and a new suburb record with their second sale.

Lyn and Gordon – Nambour, QLD & Maroochydoore, QLD

Returning clients, and savvy property investors.  Lyn works in conveyancing and sees the harm done to vendors by the real estate sale industry.

Roger – Paddington, QLD

A former executive, Roger wouldn’t sell a property in any other way, which is why he recommends this method to family and friends.

This Method Has Had Plenty Of Press Coverage Over The Years

local real estate agent

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Just imagine what difference it would make to your life if you pocketed around 10% more from the sale of your home than you could with any of your local real estate agents.

That’s exactly what this method can achieve. It doesn’t matter who you are what kind of property you have or where you live.

Let me tell you a little bit about this method and how I discovered it by sharing a quick story.

local real estate agent
local real estate agent

This photo was taken in 2011 of my wife, Sophie and I, in front of our very first renovation project.

Before buying it, we spent over six months researching our chosen area.

We went to about eight open homes each Saturday and got to know around 100 local real estate agents – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

During this time we developed a deep understanding of what agents do, don’t do, should do and shouldn’t do.

After observing hundreds of marketing campaigns run by all sorts of real estate agents, from various agencies, and even private sales, we made a profound discovery.

The most successful campaigns all had something in common and it wasn’t the agent.

Just think about it.  Did your decision to buy your home have anything to do with the real estate agent who was selling it?

If not, then your home was never sold to you.

Think of the countless buyers who have bought properties despite their poor experience with the agent.

These buyers are living proof that a purchase is not made BECAUSE OF the local real estate agent.

local real estate agent

I think we can all agree that local real estate agents are involved in the vast majority of property transactions, BUT

Do you really believe that agents go back to the drawing board and reinvent the wheel for each property they list?

Or, do you believe it’s more likely that they use a formula or process with slight modifications for each home?

Anyone can decide to sell all they want, but without a buyer deciding to buy there will never be a transaction.

People don’t buy properties because of a sales pitch.

You can’t talk anyone into buying a property.

But, a property doesn’t just sell itself.

highest sale price

We discovered a process, formula, or recipe that made some homes more BUYABLE than others.

The better this process was executed, the more BUYABLE the home became and the higher its sale price was.

It’s that simple!

We decided to put this formula to the test on the sale of our renovation project.

We sold successfully for much more than what the local area expert agents were telling us to expect and because of the method we followed we didn’t have to do any selling.

After our successful transaction, family and friends started asking us what we did and how we did it.

We guided them through the journey, refining and improving our process and method.

We helped them pocket 10% to 20% more than what they could have with any agent or by selling themselves.

Since then, we’ve helped all kinds of people, with all sorts of properties, in all types of market conditions in every single state and territory of Australia  achieve such results.

Selling Your Home

It was this method that helped John and Helen in Gordon Park, QLD sell for 19% more than their local real estate agents told them they would.

Thanks to this method, Sue in Grovedale, VIC. pocketed 20% more than her next door neighbour for an identical property.

The two properties were sold within weeks of each other.

Selling Your Home
Selling Your Home

Jill and Phillip scored $205,000 or 17% more for their home in Kurwongbah, QLD, than what they originally wanted because of this method.

Cameron and Terena set new street and suburb record sale prices with two of their sales, using this method.

Firstly, in Albany Creek, QLD and then in Deception Bay, QLD.

Selling Your Home
Selling Your Home

It is also why the 80 year old Allistair has sold four properties this way, all over South East Queensland, including the Gold Coast.

It was also this method that changed the lives of all of these home sellers and more.

These open-minded vendors achieved the successes they did because they know something you don’t yet know.

Real Estate Agent Australia

The ONLY Proven Way To Easily Achieve A 10% Higher Sale Price For Your Home Than With Any Local Real Estate Agent, Anywhere In Australia - Without The Usual Risks

My name is David Kaity.  I’m a Property Marketing Strategist, Vendor Guardian and author of the book Real Estate Agents Don’t Sell Homes, which was featured on Channel 9’s Today Show.

I’m the founder of the Stretch-Price Method which is helping home sellers all around Australia easily sell for around 10% more than they could with any of their local real estate agents through:

  • A five step formula that has been proven in every state and territory of Australia to achieve record sale prices, which embarrass the ‘best’ local real estate agents.
  • A unique process with 3 key components, not used by any real estate agent, without any of which, it is impossible to achieve the highest sale price.
  • Total transparency for vendors, so you are not wondering about what happens behind your back.
  • A true incentive-based fee structure that focuses ONLY on achieving the last stretch, or cream of your property’s value, and eliminating the conflict of interest created by a percentage based commission.
  • Risk-free, no lock-in contract for vendors, allowing you to change your mind and walk away.
  • An environment that encourages goodwill, genuine authenticity, and reciprocity, all of which are unheard of in a traditional property transaction.  This not only creates an unusually positive experience for both buyers and sellers, but builds the essential foundations for the highest sale price.

Thanks to the Stretch-Price Method you can achieve a street, suburb or category record sale price for your home, without the risks of a real estate agent or a private sale.

As a seller, you will experience a feeling of empowerment and triumph that you cannot experience from any other method of selling your home.

Unfortunately, not everybody is a good fit for this method.

This is why I never do the hard sell or chase people, like real estate agents do

I only help suitably qualified vendors with whom I think I would enjoy working.

If you are interested in learning more about the Stretch-Price Method, I’m offering a FREE strategy consultation.

In this consultation, I will reveal the details of how you can easily achieve around a 10% higher sale price for your home than you could with any of your local real estate agents.

To book a FREE consultation  and discover more about the Stretch-Price Method  you can schedule a call with me using the calendar below.

The reason I offer this consultation for free is simple.  If you resonate with the Stretch-Price Method, then you may ask me to help you implement it.

If you do, and I believe that you’re a good fit for this method, then I may agree to help you.  We would both benefit.

Selling Your Home
Selling Your Home

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  • You haven’t read all of this page or watched the short video at the top of the page.
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  • You have already engaged a real estate agent.
  • You are not selling within the next six to 12 months.
  • You’re not serious about selling and just want to test the market.
  • You are a real estate agent.

If you fall into any one of these five categories above then we would just be wasting each other’s time.

We would also be taking this time away from those who could really benefit from these methods today.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this would be inconsiderate, disrespectful, and selfish.

In order to be considerate and respectful to others, please do not book a consultation if you are in any one of the five categories I just mentioned.

Otherwise, feel free to book a consultation with me on the calendar below.

I look forward to sharing the details of the Stretch-Price Method with you.

You will see how easily you can be guaranteed of a much higher sale price for your home than you would achieve with any of your local real estate agents – anywhere in Australia.


happy home sellers

If you book a consultation now – at the bottom of this page, then I will also give you a FREE copy of my published book.

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Some of what you’ll discover in this book, which you won’t read anywhere else:

  • The myth of the “database of buyers” agents use to trick most people into listing.
  • Why it’s wrong to assume that a local agent who knows local values will achieve a higher sale price.
  • Why real estate agents should be banned from giving appraisals.
  • Why real estate agents are terrible negotiators.
  • What real estate agents really sell. (hint: it’s not property)
  • Why selling with an agent OR selling privately are the two most expensive mistakes you can make
  • Why commissions encourage lower sale prices.
  • Why properties are never sold or sell themselves.
  • Why you MUST forget everything you (think you) know about selling your home if you want to achieve a better result.
  • …and much, MUCH more…

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