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...Without The Usual Risks

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This Method Has Had Plenty Of Press Coverage Over The Years

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Thrilled Vendors Across Australia Share Their Experiences

Jessica set a new suburb record, selling her home for almost $100,000 (12%) more than her best local agents said she would.  Her success was even featured in
- Jessica - Wilston, QLD

Lyn and Gordon were so happy with the results of the Stretch Price Method that they came back to sell a second property using this formula.
- Lyn and Gordon - Maroochydore, QLD

Eliane set a new record sale price in her street, on the other side of Australia, far exceeding all her expectations.
- Eliane - Lake Coogee, WA

Roger was so happy with the great result he achieved when selling his investment property in Paddington QLD, that he referred us to his family.
- Roger - Paddington, QLD

Emma and Christian sold for $40,000 more than the highest appraisal from four of their best local ‘area expert’ real estate agents.
- Emma and Christian - Berwick, VIC

Kylie and Rod pocketed $100,000 more than with an offer they almost accepted through a local real estate agent.
- Kylie and Rod - Wandandian, NSW

Terena and Cameron set a new street record with their first sale and a new suburb record with their second sale, using this method.
- Terena and Cameron - Albany Creek, QLD

Paula and Brian walked away with tens of thousands of dollars more than by selling with any of their local real estate agents.
- Paula and Brian - Coopers Plains, QLD

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Everyday Success Stories

Selling Your Home

80 year old Allistair has sold four of his properties this way, all over South East Queensland, including the Gold Coast.

Cameron and Terena set new street and suburb record sale prices with two of their sales, using this method.

Firstly, in Albany Creek, QLD and then in Deception Bay, QLD.

Selling Your Home

Celine and Vlad used this method to sell their family home in Frenchs Forest, on the northern beaches of Sydney, for well above $3 million.

It was this method that resulted in the successful sale of Terry’s spectacular Victorian residence in the famously up-market Melbourne suburb of St Kilda for well over $4 million dollars.

Selling Your Home

It was this method that helped John and Helen in Gordon Park, QLD sell for 19% more than their local real estate agents told them they would.

Thanks to this method, Sue in Grovedale, VIC. pocketed 20% more than her next door neighbour for an identical property.

The two properties were sold within weeks of each other.

Selling Your Home
Selling Your Home

Jill and Phillip scored $205,000 or 17% more for their home in Kurwongbah, QLD, than what they originally wanted because of this method.

It was also this method that changed the lives of all of these home sellers and more.

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Who Am I?

My name is David Kaity.  I’m a Property Marketing Strategist, Vendor Guardian and author of the book Real Estate Agents Don’t Sell Homes, which was featured on Channel 9’s Today Show.

I’m the founder of the Stretch-Price Method which is helping home sellers all around Australia easily sell for around 10% more than they could with any of their local real estate agents through:

  • A five step formula that has been proven in every state and territory of Australia to achieve record sale prices, which embarrass the ‘best’ local real estate agents.
  • A unique process with 3 key components, not used by any real estate agent, without any of which, it is impossible to achieve the highest sale price.
  • Total transparency for vendors, so you are not wondering about what happens behind your back.
  • A true incentive-based fee structure that focuses ONLY on achieving the last stretch, or cream of your property’s value, and eliminating the conflict of interest created by a percentage based commission.
  • Risk-free, no lock-in contract for vendors, allowing you to change your mind and walk away.
  • An environment that encourages goodwill, genuine authenticity, and reciprocity, all of which are unheard of in a traditional property transaction.  This not only creates an unusually positive experience for both buyers and sellers, but builds the essential foundations for the highest sale price.

Thanks to the Stretch-Price Method you can achieve a street, suburb or category record sale price for your home, without the risks of a real estate agent or a private sale.

As a seller, you will experience a feeling of empowerment and triumph that you cannot experience from any other method of selling your home.

If you schedule a call now – at the bottom of this page, then I will also give you a FREE copy of my published book.

This book has been featured on Channel 9’s Today Show and retails in bookshops for $19.75 and reveals what no real estate agent wants you to know.

Some of what you’ll discover in this book, which you won’t read anywhere else:

  • The myth of the “database of buyers” agents use to trick most people into listing.
  • Why it’s wrong to assume that a local agent who knows local values will achieve a higher sale price.
  • Why real estate agents should be banned from giving appraisals.
  • Why real estate agents are terrible negotiators.
  • What real estate agents really sell. (hint: it’s not property)
  • Why selling with an agent OR selling privately are the two most expensive mistakes you can make
  • Why commissions encourage lower sale prices.
  • Why properties are never sold or sell themselves.
  • Why you MUST forget everything you (think you) know about selling your home if you want to achieve a better result.
  • …and much, MUCH more…


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Selling Your Home

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