New Street Record Sale Price With $115,000 (12.7%) Premium
Cameron and Terena – Albany Creek, QLD

Not long before this photo was taken, Cameron and Terena had their home valued at $900,000.

You can see an extract of their valuation below:

‘Local area expert’ real estate agents appraised their home for between $920,000 and $940,000.

One of them said that on a good day, someone who fell in love with the property, may…possibly…hopefully… pay up to $970,000.

Thankfully, Cameron and Terena didn’t listen to any of their ‘local area expert’ real estate agents.

As you can see below, they sold for $1,015,000 thanks to the Stretch Price Method.

Cameron and Terena set a new street record sale price and were the first in their street to crack the million dollar mark.

They ended up selling for $115,000, or 12.7% above an official valuation and about $50,000, or 5% more than the highest appraisal from a local agent.

They also avoided the traditional real estate commission and marketing fees, saving them approximately $25,000!!!

They achieved this without engaging in an unprofessional private sale.

The combination of a record sale price, together with a massive saving meant that they pocketed around $70,000 more than they could have with ANY of their local ‘area expert’ agents.

As well as leaving a 5 star Google review, this is what Cameron and Terena said about their experience with the Stretch Price Method:

Cameron and Terena were true to their word and they sold another property in this way about 2 years later.

This time, they set a new suburb record with the type of property they sold and you can find that case study among the others.

The story of Cameron and Terena is neither unusual or unique.

There are countless similar case studies of all kinds of people, with all sorts of properties from all over Australia.

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