New Suburb Record Sale Price With A $60,000 (8%) Uplift
Cameron and Terena – Deception Bay, QLD – (Returning Clients)

Deception Bay

About two years after their first successful sale with Revolutionary Real Estate (see here), Cameron and Terena returned to sell another property in Deception Bay, Queensland.

This time they set a new suburb record sale price in their category, despite 11 consecutive interest rate increases leading up to the sale.

They sold their 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house on a 678m2 block for $810,000 in April 2023.

No other 3 bedroom home with similar parameters had ever sold in Deception Bay for anywhere close to this amount.

Below, you can also see the difference between the initial offer they received from their buyer and what they ended up selling for after our unique, and highly effective negotiation strategy:

The $60,000 uplift from the initial offer to the final purchase price represents an 8% increase.

This is what helped them to set a new record price for this category of home in the suburb.

There is no greater compliment than a returning client and no better proof that this is a superior way to sell a property than a new suburb record sale price.

The Stretch Price Method guarantees much higher sale prices than any real estate agent could achieve.

This is what Cameron and Terena said about their experience with the Stretch Price Method:

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