Let Me Show You How You Can Pocket an Extra $50,000 (or more) From The Sale Of Your Home!

Use the booking calendar below to select a time to book a quick call with me (David) to see whether this FREE consultation is suitable for you.

This consultation is tailored to your home and will show you how our unique strategy can help you easily pocket an extra $50,000+ more from your sale than you could otherwise.

I will never sell, push or pressure you into anything and I will not chase, hassle or keep following up with you.

There is zero obligation or expectation on you to do or to commit to anything.

In this consultation, which is tailored to your home I will:

  • Show you how you can easily achieve a record sale price for your home and keep more of it in your pocket, without having to risk an unprofessional private sale.
  • Reveal the secrets of exploding the sale price of your home.  I will show you how to affordably skyrocket the perceived value of your home in the eyes of your ideal buyers.
  • Explain how to get buyers falling over each other in competition for your home, in any market.  They will forget about negotiating for fear of losing out.
  • Help you to shatter potential buyer objections you can’t see that would either cost you a sale or tens of thousands of dollars.  This will help you achieve a higher sale price AND a quicker sale.
  • Reveal how to achieve a result that will earn the admiration and gratitude of your neighbours, and shock and embarrass your best local agents.
  • Explain the surprising mechanism behind our unique strategy, which NO real estate agent uses.
  • Detail the three hidden costs of real estate agents that 99.9% of people are totally unaware of.  These three hidden costs are far higher than any commission or marketing fees people pay.
  • Reveal how you can have a hugely rewarding sale that will leave you feeling triumphant.  Sellers call it “empowering”“enjoyable” and “authentic”.
  • Explain why your sale should only cost a fraction of what it usually does, and why it should only be a flat success fee, which is not payable unless AND until you sell.
  • Show you how to avoid being locked into a contract while marketing your home, allowing you to leave if you are not happy for whatever reason.
  • Reveal how to slash the astronomical costs of selling, without risking an unprofessional private sale.
  • Show you how you can upgrade to a much better home or turbocharge your retirement funds with a result all your friends and family will be talking about.
  • I will share information with you that you will NEVER hear from ANY real estate agent.
This consultation could literally put many tens of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket from the sale of your home.

The people who benefit most from this consultation are those who don’t leave it to the last minute.

The earlier you request this consultation, the more time you will have to implement some of my suggestions.

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