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Most of your clients are losing out on 5 to 6 figures (10% to 20%) when selling their homes.

Without ever knowing it.

This is because there is a hidden, but strong conflict of interest between real estate agents and vendors.

This conflict of interest is MUCH more expensive than any commission or marketing fees combined.

It can easily cost vendors (your clients) 5 – 6 figures.

Assume a home was worth $1M.

Do you think it would sell quickly and easily for $900K?

Of course it would!  Anybody could achieve that result.

So why reward an agent with 90% of their commission on this easy part of the sale?

This discourages them from fighting for the remaining $100,000.

If the commission was 2.5%, the agent would only make an extra $2,500 on the last $100,000.

Do you really believe that an agent will care more about an extra $2,500 commission than a vendor about an extra $100,000 to their sale price?

Scientific studies have proven that traditional real estate commissions encourage agents to achieve a quicker sale, not the highest sale price.

This creates a conflict of interest if a vendor’s goal is to achieve the highest price.

The bottom line is that home sellers are losing out on many tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars, by unwittingly discouraging their agents from achieving the highest sale price.

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Help Your Clients Achieve A Suburb Record Sale Price For Their Homes Thanks To A Unique Strategy And Brilliant Alternative To Real Estate Commissions

My name is David Kaity and I’m a Property Selling Consultant.

I can help your clients easily net an extra 5 – 6 figures (10% – 20%) more from the sale of their homes.

Please schedule a call with me below to find out how you can  share in 20% of my fee by helping your clients become aware of this solution.

Thrilled Vendors Share Their Experiences

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Common Success Stories

Selling Your Home

Jill and Phillip’s home in Kurwongbah QLD, sold for $205,000 more than what they believed it was worth.

happy home sellers

Cameron and Terena’s family home in Albany Creek QLD sold for over $50,000 more than the best appraisal they had from several local agents and over $100,000 above a recent valuation.

Selling Your Home

John and Helen’s house in Gordon Park QLD, sold for $100,000 more than several of their local agents said it would.

Selling Your Home

Sue’s townhouse in Grovedale VIC sold for $60,000 (20%) more than her next door neighbour’s identical property just 3 months earlier.

happy home sellers

Rod and Kylie’s home in Wandandian NSW, sold for over $80,000 more than what they thought they could sell for based on an offer presented to them by a local real estate agent.

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Christian and Emma’s home in Berwick VIC sold for over $40,000 above the highest of four appraisals they had from their best local area expert agents.

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