The 3 Hidden Costs Of Selling With A Real Estate Agent - You Don't Know

These hidden costs are far higher than any commission or marketing fees you’ll ever pay…


Dear fellow homeowner,

Less than 1% of home sellers know and understand what you’re about to read – so please read it carefully.

If homeowners are happy with their sale, it is because they have absolutely no idea that they could have done much, MUCH better.

If you believe your home is worth $1,000,000 and you sell for $1,050,000, then you’ll probably be happy, right?

Even though with a different approach, you could have easily sold for $1,100,000.

You’ll be happy because you’ll have no idea that you just missed out on $50,000, due to the 3 hidden costs of real estate agents.

Ignorance of the 3 hidden costs is why vendors are happy with their sale, despite leaving a ton of money on the table.

Would you sell with a real estate agent if you knew that he/she doesn’t have an incentive to achieve the highest sale price?

If you answered ‘no‘, then you owe it to yourself to read about the 3 hidden costs of selling with a real estate agent below. . .

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First Hidden Cost Of Selling With A Real Estate Agent

A Costly Conflict Of Interest:


Do you believe that real estate agents have an incentive to achieve the highest sale price?
If you do, it’s because you believe that the higher the sale price, the more the agent gets paid, right?
Well. . .
Do you believe that real estate agents care more about a $1,000 difference in their $20,000 commission, than you about a $40,000 difference in your sale price?
Did you know that an agent only gets $1,000 less to undersell your home by $40,000 at an average commission rate of 2.5%.

Do the math.

Now, why would any agent undersell your home or convince you to accept a lower price?
Simple.  A lower price secures a quicker sale.
This helps the agent pocket their commission sooner, so they can move onto the next property.
They would rather $20,000 commission from the next property than an extra $1,000 commission from yours. 
They would also prefer $20,000 commission NOW than $21,000 later.
This is why real estate agents have an incentive to sell quickly, even if it means underselling your home.
Several independent scientific studies have proven this.
Two economists, Steven Levitt and Chad Syverson conducted one of these studies.
It became famous thanks to the best selling book Freakonomics.
Percentage based commissions create a conflict of interest between you and the real estate agent.
This is because you want the highest sale price, but the agent wants a quick sale – whatever the price.
The cost of this alone can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.
This is the first hidden cost of selling with a real estate agent and leads to the second hidden cost. . .

Second Hidden Cost Of Selling With A Real Estate Agent

Disincentive To Maximise Value:


There are little-known, very clever and extremely cost effective ways to skyrocket the perceived value of any home.
These can boost your sale price by many tens of thousands of dollars on a shoestring budget.
Implementing these changes, however, could delay when your real estate agent gets paid.
Most agents would much rather get their $20,000 commission NOW than $21,000 later.
For this reason, it is not in the interest of real estate agents to recommend such changes.
This is why most agents will encourage you to sell your home now – as is with minimal, if any changes.
An extra $40,000 to your sale price only increases their commission by $1,000 at a commission rate of 2.5%.
They would rather another $20,000 commission from the next sale, than an extra $1,000 from yours.
Without knowing what these clever changes are, you’ll never know how much more you could have sold for.
As a result, you will leave many tens of thousands of dollars on the table, without ever knowing it.
Percentage based commissions discourage agents from looking for ways to increase your sale price.
Even the real estate agents who can maximise the perceived value of your home, have a third hidden cost. . .

Third Hidden Cost Of Selling With A Real Estate Agent

An Expensive Opportunity Cost:


Your home won’t be worth more because of a smooth-talking real estate agent with a silver tongue.
So, the money you spend on a real estate commission will not increase the value of your home.
As such, a commission will not give you a return on investment.
A commission reduces how much you pocket from your sale, which makes it an expense, not an investment.
Consider the following two scenarios:
SCENARIO 1. You pay a real estate agent $20,000 in commissions.  This leaves you with $20,000 less in your pocket after the sale.
SCENARIO 2. You invest $20,000 in clever, strategic changes, which increases the value of your home and sale price by $60,000.
(By the way, I’m not suggesting that you should spend $20,000 on this.)
By spending the same amount of money in both scenarios, you would have $60,000 more in your pocket from scenario 2.
The $60,000 less, you achieve in scenario 1 is the opportunity cost of paying a real estate agent.
Home sellers never consider this opportunity cost, which can amount to a lost fortune.
This is the third hidden cost of selling with a real estate agent.
The combination of these hidden costs can explode into many tens of thousands of dollars.
Those sellers who are happy with their agent, have no idea how much they lost through the three hidden costs.
The total easily exceeds $50,000 on the average Australian home.
Now you know the problem in selling with real estate agents, but what about selling privately?
Unfortunately, private sellers believe that all there is to selling a home is ‘putting up an ad’.
They may save money, by doing it alone, but they lose far more than what they save.
They simply don’t know the formula for achieving the highest possible sale price.

So, Is There A Solution?

My name is David Kaity and I’m a Property Marketing Strategist and author.
I’m on a mission to raise awareness of the three hidden costs you read above.
I also help home sellers avoid the pitfalls of selling with an agent or privately.
About 10 years ago, I discovered a method of marketing homes, which I named The Record Sale Price Method.
As the name suggests, it helps homeowners achieve MUCH higher sale prices.
This method avoids the three hidden costs of real estate agents.
It does this without risking an unprofessional private sale.
As you will see below, this method has achieved amazing results for all kinds of people, with all sorts of properties, all over Australia.
The only drawback is that, about 40% of home sellers are not a good fit for The Record Sale Price Method.

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Emma and Christian sold for $40,000 more than the highest appraisal from four of their best local ‘area expert’ real estate agents.
- Emma and Christian - Berwick, VIC

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- Kylie and Rod - Wandandian, NSW

Terena and Cameron sold for $50,000 above the best appraisal from several local agents and $115,000 above valuation.
- Terena and Cameron - Albany Creek, QLD

Paula and Brian walked away with tens of thousands of dollars more than by selling with any of their local real estate agents.
- Paula and Brian - Coopers Plains, QLD

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The Record Sale Price Method is the only one of its kind in Australia.

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This proven method helped Briar and Luigi sell above an independent valuation from Herron Todd White by $70,000.


“David was clear with us about what improvements to the property would make the most difference to the buyers and what things were just not worth doing.

Thanks to his help we achieved a price that I didn’t think would be possible.

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– Briar Willard

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Property Marketing Services Australia

The Record Sale Price Method allowed Christian and Emma to sell for $40,000 more than several of their best local area expert agents said they would.

Together with a $10,000 saving in the cost of selling, they upgraded to a better home than they otherwise could have.


“David made the process so clear and straightforward that it put my mind at ease…we received an absolutely fantastic result selling our house for significantly higher than any local real estate agent valued at (or would list it at) within a week.

I cannot recommend David enough and will never be using a traditional real estate agent ever again..”

Emma Hayes

Why You Need To Call To Book…

Unfortunately, about 40% of people who apply for the consultation, are not eligible. 

Please don’t be offended if this is you.

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Without the information I share in the FREE consultation, I can guarantee you this:
You will leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table when selling your home.
This is because you will either sell for less than you should, pay too much to sell, or both.
Most happy sellers have no idea about the many tens of thousands of dollars they missed out on.
You can only sell your home once.
If you miss the opportunity to pocket tens of thousands of extra dollars, it’s lost forever.
I look forward to showing you how you can pocket much more than with either a real estate agent or a private sale.
The cash windfall could boost your retirement or help you upgrade to a better home than you could have.
To find out if you are eligible for this FREE consultation worth $497, please click the button below to book a quick call with me.
Property Marketing Services Australia

Thanks to The Record Sale Price Method, John and Helen sold for around $100,000 more than the highest appraisal from their best local agents.


“We could not be happier with the result we achieved on the sale of our property.

The price was significantly higher than a recent valuation.”

John and Helen Trim

Frequently Asked Questions About This Method

  • Do I have to sell my home myself? – NO
  • Do I have to spend lots of money on my home? – NO
  • Do I have to negotiate with buyers on my own? – NO
  • Do I have to pay you anything upfront? – NO
  • Am I locked in to any contract with you? – NO
  • Will this take lots of time and effort? – NO
  • Will my home be advertised on realestate.com.au and Domain? – YES
  • How does this work legally? – Exactly the same way as with a real estate agent.
Property Marketing Services Australia

The Record Sale Price Method helped Cameron and Terena sell for $50,000 more than their highest appraisal by several local agents and $115,000 above valuation.

This allowed them to build their dream home mortgage free.


“Our beautiful home was sold within a week, for a great price (above earlier estate agent estimates).”

Cameron and Terena Kennedy

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Property Marketing Services Australia

The Record Sale Price Method helped Sue to pocket $60,000 more from the sale of her townhouse than her next-door neighbour for an identical property.


“The result achieved was well beyond my expectation and I am really grateful to David..”

Sue Ellis

Case Studies

Below are just three examples and ordinary case studies of the everyday results I help people to achieve.

You will notice that these case studies date back to before the current crazy market conditions.

Today’s results are even better, but they are not typical of the long term average, which is why I haven’t used them.