New Wilston Record Sale Price, Embarrassing The Best Local Agents...

... Thanks To A Proven Method That Guarantees A 10% Higher Sale Price

Property Marketing Services Australia

Jessica set a new suburb record price with the sale of her home in Wilston QLD.

She sold for $91,000 (11.8%) above what local agents were telling her to expect.

Her success was even featured in news.com.au.

No other home of a similar age, condition and features had achieved a price as high in the suburb before.

This was thanks to a unique and proven method (not used by local real estate agents) that guarantees a 10% – 20% higher sale price for any property.

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Property Marketing Services Australia

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Everyday Success Stories

Property Marketing Services Australia

Jill and Phillip’s home, sold for $205,000 more than what they wanted for it.

Property Marketing Services Australia

Cameron and Terena’s family home sold for over $50,000 more than the best appraisal they had from several local agents and over $100,000 above a recent valuation.

Property Marketing Services Australia

John and Helen’s house, sold for $100,000 more than several of their local agents said it would.

Property Marketing Services Australia

Rod and Kylie’s home, sold for over $80,000 more than what they thought they could sell for based on an offer they almost accepted through a local real estate agent.

Property Marketing Services Australia

Christian and Emma’s home sold for over $40,000 above the highest of four appraisals they had from their best local area expert agents.

Property Marketing Services Australia

Sue’s townhouse sold for $60,000 (20%) more than her next door neighbour’s identical property just 3 months earlier.

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