Do Real Estate Agents Really Have A Database Of Buyers?

Many people choose to use real estate agents and pay a real estate commission because they claim to have a database of ready buyers. Let’s examine this claim a little closer. Before the internet and the widespread popularity of as a platform to search for property, many real estate agents did have a valuable database of potential buyers. Who do you think is on this database these days? Most people are not aware that this so called agent’s database is mostly made up of people who may have registered their name, phone number or email at an open home they visited. They will have also done the same at other open homes, hosted by other agents. In other words, no agent can claim to have a unique database anymore. When people on these databases eventually do find a property to buy, do you think they will call all of these agents to let them know that they are no longer in the market? Not only are these people also on the databases of several agents, many are likely to have bought a property already. The other problem with the ‘database of buyers’ claim is that when someone is looking for a property to buy, they are not just going to rely on any one single agent to bring them potential properties. They will do what 90% of Australians do, and that is search on or Domain. No longer does any agent have an exclusive database of buyers ready to buy from that one agent alone. Even if a real estate agent did have a unique list of potential buyers, wouldn’t you want your property to have a greater exposure to a wider market than just the list of one agent? Of course you would. The only way to have this exposure is to advertise on the internet, where most people look. Don’t pay a real estate commission believing that you will have access to a genuine database of buyers. For more information, please go to:

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