Real Estate Agents Don’t Sell Properties – And What Does!

The reason most people haven’t woken up to this truth is that much of the buying process occurs subconsciously, influenced by feelings and emotions (not by real estate agents) and not just the hard set of criteria that we tick off, like number of bedrooms, bathrooms and price. Think back to when you bought your home. What made you buy it? If you were dealing with a real estate agent, did they actually do or say anything to sell you the property? Like most buyers, you probably saw the property advertised on the internet; you had a look at the pictures and thought they were interesting enough to justify a closer look. You probably went to the open home, looked around and within about ten minutes decided that you liked what you saw. You probably made an offer to purchase and maybe it was accepted. Otherwise, there may have been a couple of counter offers, but in the end you signed the contract and bought the property. It is likely that even before you set foot in the home, you knew exactly what your budget was, how many bedrooms and bathrooms the property needed to have, what general condition it needed to be in, how large the living areas or the block of land had to be, and which general location it had to be in. When you inspected a property that did not fit your criteria, was the agent able to say or do anything to make you change your mind? Alternatively, if a home ticked all your boxes, did the agent need to say anything to convince you to buy it? If the real estate agent didn’t ‘sell’ you the home you’re living in, have you wondered why you would ever pay a commission to an agent when it came time for you to sell? There is a huge difference between you buying a property and having it sold to you, but few people are consciously aware of this difference. In fact, a home cannot be sold as such, whether it be by an agent or anyone else. The best anyone can do is to attract and entice buyers, and appeal to their emotions to make them feel compelled to buy. There is actually a process that helps to achieve this. The truth is that real estate agents are sales people and they sell two things: themselves, to get the listing; and unnecessarily expensive advertising packages. The very best real estate agents know that there is actually a process or recipe that leads to somebody buying a property. Do you think that each time a real estate agent lists a home for sale, they go back to the drawing board to reinvent the wheel? Of course not. The better ones simply follow this process, knowing that it will maximise the chances of a successful purchase. What they won’t tell you is that this recipe doesn’t care who follows it, or how much you pay for it. The recipe in question consists of four main steps: Preparation, Presentation, Pricing, and Promotion. When followed and executed correctly, it will result in a property selling for the highest possible price within a reasonable time. This recipe helps to attract those buyers who are looking for a home that meets their criteria, while appealing to their subconscious to help them choose the home you are selling and pay top dollar. The fantastic thing is that you can have access to the recipe for a fraction of the cost of the commission that a traditional real estate agent would charge you. For more information, please go to:

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