Easily Achieve a Higher Sale Price Than With ANY Real Estate Agent

We help maximum the perceieved value of your home at a fraction of the cost of real estate agents and without the risks of a private sale.

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Real Estate Agents don't sell homes book

Real Estate Agents Don’t Sell Homes

What no real estate agent will ever tell you

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Are You Set To Sell Your
Home In Australia?

Find out how to increase your sale price for a lower cost, and with less risk

As a home seller, we know that the following applies to you:

You want the sale of your home to net you as much cash as possible

You feel like real estate agent commissions are too high

You don’t really trust real estate agents and find it difficult to know if they are being honest with you

You need to move on to another property but you’re at a crossroads when it comes to the best approach

There is a professional way to sell your home for a higher sale price, while still keeping those high agent commission fees in your own pocket!
Revolutionary Real Estate will show you how.

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Want To Pocket An Extra $50,000 From Your Home Sale?

Revolutionary Real Estate gives Australian homeowners the ability to achieve a higher sale price than an expensive real estate agent or a risky private sale.

Real Estate Agents don't sell homes book
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Essential reading for any homeowner who wants to sell their property without paying massive commission.

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The Three Hidden Costs Of Real Estate Agents

Discover why real estate agents are focused on a quick sale, not the highest sale price.

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Free $50,000 Booster Consultation

Our methods mean you don’t have to risk private selling or pay thousands for someone else to sell your home.

Revolutionary Real Estate Helps HomeOwners Set Records

We have created dozens of real estate success stories

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Homes Are Bought…
Not Sold

It’s not a person who sells a home but a process that makes it buyable

And to make a home buyable, you need to maximise its perceived value.

At Revolutionary Real Estate, we have created a unique formula to help home sellers do just that.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what type of property you have or where you live. When you work with Revolutionary Real Estate, you will pay a fixed fee and walk away with tens of thousands more than you would by using a traditional agent or through private selling.

Don’t spend over $20k on commissions, only to end up selling your home for less than you should. Our formula has been proved to work, time and time again (even by ourselves). And we won’t charge you the earth for it.

How Revolutionary
Real Estate Works

The Revolutionary Real Estate method is a hybrid model which gives you the experience of a real estate agent, without the too-high commissions. You get professional advice and support, for a fixed fee, with no lock-in contract.

We have made the experience as risk-free as possible because we want you to walk away smiling.

Let us quickly put your mind at ease with answers to the following questions:

Do I have to sell my home on my own? – NO

Does Revolutionary Real Estate involve expensive renovations? – NO

Do I have to negotiate with buyers on my own? – NO

Do I have to arrange the contract of sale? – NO

Do I have to pay you anything upfront? – NO

Am I locked in to any contract? – NO

Unique Benefits To You

Pay Us At The End

Our fee is not payable until you sell

Achieve a higher sale price

for your home than with any agent or by selling privately

Avoid the three hidden costs

of real estate agents as well as their ridiculous commissions and marketing fees

Avoid the mistakes which kill 50% of sales

Let us help with executing the proven method that will make your home BUYABLE

Easily Pocket $50,000 more

than by using any real estate agent or selling privately

No Lock-In Contract

you are free to leave for any reason with no obligation to pay

Book A Free Call

Find out more about Revolutionary Real Estate’s unique method

Interested to find out how you can sell your home for more, and walk away with an extra $50,000 in your pocket?

You don’t have to trust an agent who will use a cookie-cutter solution and push you to sell your home for less than it’s worth.

Book a call with us to find out more.

Featured Case Studies

We have helped people all over Australia to sell their home